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Frequently Asked Questions

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Oh My Joy!

What services do I offer?

I exclusively offer computerized longarm quilting services including your choice of batting (or bring your own high quality batting), thread, and pattern. For more information on longarm quilting, please see the longarm quilting section below. I also offer quilt binding services as well.  For more information on my services, click here!

Why should I choose Oh My Joy! to quilt my quilt?

I have been quilting and sewing for 14+ years now and I know how special each and every quilt you create is. I pride myself in careful attention to detail, customer service, and the highest quality service possible. Computerized quilting allows me to create a beautiful, uniform pattern over the whole quilt, without being area specific! Every stitch counts so I’ll take the time to make sure that the quilting is sized appropriately and stitched out beautifully. My goal is to make every client’s experience personal and rewarding and spread the joy quilting brings me! Don’t worry, I know how scary it is to send your quilt away, but I can guarantee I will take special care of your quilt like the heirloom it is!

How does it work?

Everyone’s story and quilt is unique, and I’d love to get to know you on a personal level! I have created a process that allows me to do this, and you can read about it here!

Where am I located?

I am located in the USA in Kennewick, Washington, which is a part of the Tri-Cities!

Do I take mail-in quilts?

Yes! When you begin your booking we will set everything up and then I will email you the address to mail it to!

Do I take local drop-off quilts?

Yes! When you begin your booking we will set everything up and then I will confirm your in-person appointment via email!

Can I drop-off my quilt whenever I want?

Right now I am only accepting drop-offs by appointment!

Where can I leave a review or feedback?

I appreciate and read every single review and piece of feedback! You can use my contact page, to leave reviews or feedback.

Do you sell fabric and/or notions?

Not yet… I want to focus on helping you create the best possible quilts I can, but I hope to release products and fabric in the future! Sign up for my email list at the bottom of this page to be the first to know!

Do I commission quilts?

I can! If you have a custom quilt in mind, contact me by using my contact page, or email!

Is there a size limit?

Yes. My machine allows me to load quilts that are up to 125 inches wide for the quilt top. That means your shortest side must be less than 125 inches so that it fits on the machine one way. For example, if your quilt top was 125”x150”, I CAN still load it! This does NOT include the extra 4 inches on every side for the backing and batting. This means your backing and batting will be a total of 8 inches longer than your quilt top. If you are unsure if I can load your quilt, or how big to make your backing or batting just contact me and I’ll be happy to help!

How long will it take?

I offer a 7-14 day turn around with an expedited turn around of 2 days for a $75 fee!

What payment options do you accept?

At this time I accept cash, checks, PayPal, or Zelle.

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Longarm Quilting

What is longarm quilting? Should I get my quilt longarmed?

Longarm quilting is different from domestic machine quilting in many aspects. Typically, quilting on domestic machines (the kind you sew on at home) means that you free motion quilt your entire project and the process can be frustrating and hard on your body. Longarm quilting is done on an industrial length sewing machine and can be free motion quilted or quilted using digital quilting patterns called pantographs to create a uniform pattern without being area specific. One of the biggest advantages and reasons it is becoming more popular is because longarm quilting takes significantly less time and effort than traditional hand or machine quilting.

Can any quilt be quilted? What if my quilt isn’t perfect?

Any quilt can be quilted! Almost all of the quilts I quilt on are not from professionals, in fact most are from hobbyists! I can quilt quilts up to 125 inches wide (see size requirements above). For tips on getting it ready check out the sections below.

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Batting and Binding

What kind of batting do you offer?

I offer Hobbs Heirloom Premium 100% cotton batting and Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 cotton blend batting. Both are 96 inches wide and I offer them by the continuous inch.

What’s the difference between the two types of batting?

80/20 batting is a cotton/poly blend and shrinks 3-5%. This batting has a lighter feel with a higher loft than 100% cotton.


100% cotton batting shrinks a little bit more than 80/20 giving it more of an heirloom look.

What binding service do you offer?

I currently offer sewing your binding by machine to the front of your quilt for $0.15 per inch! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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Pantograph/Pattern and Thread

What is a pantograph?

A quilting pantograph is a continuous line quilting pattern. Pantographs come in many designs and are stitched through all layers of the quilt. I use a computerized longarm machine so the stitching follows a digital quilting pattern, or digital pantograph.

Where can I find pantographs?

I offer hundreds of pantographs that I have purchased for my personal library, and you may browse them on my website to choose one for your design.

If you would like to find your own from the internet you may do so for an additional fee of $10 for the cost of the pattern. If you are looking for your own, here are some great places to start. 

Urban Elementz

My Creative Stitches

Quilts Complete

Anne Bright Designs

Wildflower Quilting Designs

Willowleaf Studio

What kind of thread do you use?

I stock Omni#40 and Glide #40 by Superior Threads , and I have many neutral colors available. I don’t charge any extra for thread or thread color choice!

Can I pick the color thread?

Yes! I usually use my personal judgement to match the thread to the lightest color in your quilt to bring out all of your beautiful piecing. However, if there is a different style choice you would like to do please let me know when you fill out my booking form! 

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Getting Ready

What do I need to have?

In order for me to quilt your beautiful work of art, please send me a finished and prepared quilt top, (optional batting), a finished and prepared backing, and (optional prepared binding).

How big should my backing be?

Your backing (and batting if you are sending your own) MUST be 4 inches longer and winder on every side! This means your backing will be a total of 8” longer and 8” wider than your quilt top. If you are not sure how big to make it feel free to contact me!

Can my backing be pieced?

Yes of course!

What do you mean by prepared? What do I need to do before you get my quilt?

Please make sure the top and seams are well pressed and loose threads clipped as best you can.

Square up your quilt and back as best you can.

Please make sure the backing and batting is at least 4” wider on all sides. Your backing should be a total of 8” longer and wider than the quilt top.

Mark the top of the quilt top and the top of the backing with a sticky note or tape!

You can click here for a free, printable checklist to prepare!

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How do I ship my quilt?

You may choose your method of shipping. I recommend USPS flat rate, but any method is fine! Once we confirm your booking I will email you an address to ship it to! Then, just neatly fold your quilt top, backing, and optional batting, and mail your quilt to me! I can assure you that I will take excellent care of it.

How much is shipping?

I will be shipping your quilt back to you in a USPS flat rate box with tracking and insurance. Please note there may be an additional shipping charge for quilts larger than 70”x70”. If you have any questions about shipping please contact me!

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How much will it be?

Each quilt will cost a different amount since I charge per inch. I charge $0.025 -$0.029 per linear inch for quilting services, $0.30 per continuous inch of batting,  There is no charge for thread and thread color choice! For more on pricing, click here!

Is my estimate going to be my final price?

I do not include return shipping costs on my estimates, but it will be added to the final invoice. I will do my best to give you an accurate estimate, but sometimes life is not perfect! The final price is also subject to change as I complete your project. I will be sure to contact you before sending the invoice if there are any changes.

How do you calculate the price?

I calculate the price based on how large the quilt is using my rates. For an example, please see below.


50”x65” (throw size)

Quilting: 50in*65in= 3,250 square inches*$0.029= $94.25

Batting (65in+8in) 73inches @ $0.30 = $21.90

Is there a minimum?

There is a minimum of $40. I pay very careful attention to detail and spend a lot of time on every quilt no matter how small, and this ensures I can continue to offer the best service possible!

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, have more questions, thoughts, or just want to chat first please feel free to contact me via my contact page, or by email!

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