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How does this work?

Want to know where to begin? Don't worry, it's easy!

No matter how you want to start your booking, the process is simple! I have made my services super fast, affordable, and available to everyone by accepting mail-in or local drop-off quilts!

What type of quilting designs do I offer?

I exclusively use digital edge to edge quilting designs. I use my large computerized longarm quilting machine to create uniform patterns across your whole quilt! I am open to adjusting the density and proportion of the design you choose to make the quilting perfect for each quilt. 

What other services do I offer?

I also offer binding services where I attach your pre-made binding to your quilt by machine.

I have high quality batting available for purchase, or you can send/bring your own!

Every client and quilt has a story!

Each quilt is unique and special, and I want to know the story behind it! I have created a streamlined, personal process to get to know your quilt before I even get it!

1. Create your work of art!

Finish your quilt top and backing

Make sure the top and all seams are well pressed, loose threads are cut, and the backing is at least 8 inches longer and wider than the top. For more tips to get your quilt ready, click here!

2. Choosing your design!

You can choose from my library or we can work together to find the design of your dreams!

You can see a sampling of the designs I offer by clicking here! If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask! I will try my best to find a design that fits your quilt perfectly! 

If you can't decide on a pantograph just yet, don't worry you can still fill out my booking form and choose later!

3. Contact me to book your quilt!

Fill out a simple form to get an estimate!

4. Quilt Consult!

I will reply to all inquires within 1 business day!

I will follow up with an estimate, more information, questions, and instructions if necessary to continue your booking. I will confirm things such as: design selection, batting choices, and if you want to add binding services. I will provide instructions on things such as: shipping and preparation, and I will provide information on things such as: turn around availability. Don't worry! When we get in contact I will make sure I get enough information to get to know your quilt so that I can provide the best service possible.

5. Confirmation!

Check over everything and make sure everything looks good!

Once everything looks good and you have no further questions, I will confirm your booking via email! You are now ready to ship! If you are doing a local drop-off we will confirm your in-person appointment!

6. Mail your quilt or Drop it off!

Pop your quilt in the mail, or drop it by my studio! Sit back and relax!

Once your quilt is in the mail, all you have to do is wait for the return of your bundle of joy! I offer a 15-30 day turn around or a 10 day expedited turn around for a $75 fee. I promise I will take excellent care of your quilt, as I pride myself in attention to detail and the utmost best quality service. For questions regarding shipping, be sure to check out our FAQ page!

7. Tying up loose threads!

As soon as I receive your payment for the invoice, I will immediately ship your quilt back to you! Pricing can be found here.

I will finish quilting your quilt by the date we confirm in your booking, send you an invoice, and ship your quilt back!

Still have more questions?

I have made a carefully thought out FAQ page here, or you can email me or use my contact page to send me any other questions you think of!

If you have more questions, don't fret!

How It Works: List

Book now!

Use my booking form to receive an estimate!

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