Pricing and Services

You will receive an estimate as part of your consult, but my prices are listed here for you as well!

All of my prices were carefully thought out so that I could provide you with affordable, speedy, and extremely high quality services! If you have any questions, please contact me using my contact page, email, Instagram, or Facebook!

$0.035 per linear inch

Quilting Services

I use a computerized longarm quilting machine to create beautiful uniform patterns across your whole quilt! If you have more questions about longarm quilting or digital quilting feel free to contact me or check out our FAQ page

There is a minimum of $50 due to the time it takes to process, load and set up each quilt. If your quilt is less than the minimum it will be rounded up. 

I offer a 15-30 day turnaround or a 10 day expedited turnaround for a $75 fee.

$0.25 per continuous inch


I offer high quality batting, but if you would like to send/bring your own high quality batting, you can!

I offer Hobbs Heirloom Premium 100% cotton batting and Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 cotton blend batting. Both are 96 inches wide*. For questions regarding the difference check out our FAQs!

Every stitch and piece of your quilt counts, so in order for me to offer the best service I can for you, your batting must be high quality, continuous batting if you are using your own. 

*If your quilt top's smallest side is larger than 88" I will need to order larger batting to accommodate your quilt size! 

$0.25 cents Per running inch


I can can set up your quilt for you to finish it by hand or machine!

- $0.25 cents*:                    I can attach the binding to the front of your quilt and trim it                                                        for $0.25 cents per running inch. Your quilt will be ready for you                                                 to hand or machine sew the binding to the back of the quilt. 

Example: Binding cost for 40 x60 quilt: $50 attached to quilt front. 

*Price for customer supplied, pre-made 2.5 inch binding

Included! No extra charges


I stock So Fine #50 thread, and Omni  #40 threads.  I have many neutral colors available. There is NO extra charge for thread or thread color choice!


I use my personal judgement to match the thread to the lightest color in your quilt to bring out all of your beautiful piecing, but of course if there is a different style choice you would like to do please contact me, include it in your email, or message me on Instagram or Facebook!